University Health and Safety Council: Who We Are

The University Health and Safety Council is an oversight council for all types of University groups including clubs, committees, and everything in between with the mission to keep campus a safe place for everyone. The Council is also home to several subcommittees, including (but not limited to) the following:

Flow Chart Univ Health and Safety Council

UNC Campus Security Initiative

In 2013, UNC system President Tom Ross launched the UNC Campus Security Initiative  to study system-level coordination of security and student safety efforts at our 17 campuses.  Since then, the University Health and Safety Council has met and established goals intended to meet the 36 recommendations in this report that were established to make our campuses safer, as well as ensure that ASU is meeting both the integrity of the letter and the spirit of the laws governing campus security and offer a blueprint for continuous improvement.  

In early 2016, J.J.Brown, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Development and Dean of Students at Appalachian, was asked to serve as Vice-Chair for the Campus Security Initiatives committee, along with Chair, Paul Cousins, Director of the Office of Student and Community at NC State University.  This committee will begin meeting during the spring 2016 semester.  Check this website to find structure for the committee as well as reports and updates on the committee's work.

J. J. Brown


Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

109 B. B. Dougherty Administration Building
438 Academy Street
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Paul Forte


Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs 

310 B. B. Dougherty Administration Building
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Boone, NC 28608

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